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Our vision

To draw full benefit from your data, it needs to be:

  • Connected

  • Contextualised

  • Accessible

  • Trusted

In a flexible and extensible environment satisfying your present and future needs:

  • Users’ engagement

  • Systems monitoring

  • Decision support

Stellio : la vision

Your objectives

Interconnect and extend your systems with geo-temporal attributes


Les objectifs de Stellio
  • Reduce exploitation expenditures (Opex):
    i.e. anticipate and optimise on-site interventions

  • Target sustainable goals:
    i.e. reduce input consumption

  • Improve your quality of service (QoS):
    i.e. receive realtime notifications and alerts

  • Increase participatory engagement:
    i.e. collect and provide contextualised information

  • Attract innovation:
    i.e. allow third parties to connect their application to your standardised interfaces

  • Create value:
    i.e. fuse and analyse your departments’s data to build predictive and prescriptive models

Our proposal

STELLIO includes a set  of  open and qualified components satisfying the NGSI-LD specification of ETSI for Context Information Management (CIM) and compatible with the open-source offer of the FIWARE ecosystem

  • A cross domain model connecting your different domain models through a unique interface.

  • The heart of the system is a broker connecting data producers and data consumers.

N sources - IoT, document, opendata…
N sources - IoT, document, opendata…


connected territories

Connected territories

STELLIO connects video cameras detecting uncivil behaviour while respecting GDPR regulation



STELLIO collects data from connected beehives to optimise honey production while providing realtime evaluation of surrounding environmental healthiness

Water management

Water management

STELLIO connects sigfox watermeter to feed the digital twin of a water distribution network.



STELLIO connects fishfarms data to optimise fish feeding using machine learning based algorithms

Gestion des risques

Risks management

STELLIO allows asset monitoring and alert generation upon unforeseen event

Urban Data Platform

Urban Data Platform

STELLIO is the baseline for cross domain (water, energy, transport, crowdsourcing) cities and territories

Our partners


STELLIO is your applications’ engine

Stellio en synthèse

STELLIO components are available as open-source enablers in the FIWARE ecosystem  Fiware



EGM supports you in implementing STELLIO as a SaaS solution or on your servers

  • Architecture definition

  • Data connectors customisation

  • Linked data models development

  • Set-up Proof of Concept (PoC)

  • Integration and tests

  •  Training

EGM vous accompagne dans la mise en œuvre de vos solutions